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Myth Busting

Posted by aphillieteacher on October 17, 2009

I was searching around for other education blogs and found an interesting one called “Myths of Teaching” that apparently was used for a teacher-prep course somewhere.

Cool. I’m encountering a lot of myths (such as “No Child Left Behind” will be fully funded and teachers will receive all the supplies they need to teach effectively)

So I started reading and I have to say that some of the comments left by students left me laughing and flashing back to my own Teacher Ed. days.

. . . Many teachers don’t want to take the time to understand their students and they don’t have the patience for them. Instead they judge them by the area they live and their background. Certain teachers feel they have a lot to offer and it’s being wasted with these type of students.Instead of taking the time to get to know their students and finding ways to adapt, teachers just pick up and leave.

On a personal level I can’t understand why some students think it’s great to flip desks over on their way out of a room or feel free to trash the classroom of a teacher they don’t even know – just because no one’s around to stop them. Others think it’s perfectly ok to get out of their seats, talk incessantly and be outright rude.

Would “understanding” change this behavior? Doubtful. It really really isn’t the teacher’s fault when a student assaults faculty or sets fire in a school. All the understanding in the world isn’t going to change that.

My suggestions:

  • Smaller classes (thirty thirteen-year-olds crowded into a classroom? really??)
  • Don’t take a teacher’s valuable prep period away because someone has to cover the gym teacher’s class when he calls out sick.
  • Hire more counselors for kids who exhibit troubled background. Once they’re helped maybe they won’t tear up a classroom with disruptive behaviors like screaming or throwing things while the other kids try to learn.
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