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I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.

Dreaded Sunday

Posted by aphillieteacher on November 29, 2009

It’s Sunday and I dread the 5 hours of prepping that lie ahead of me.

Every week I prep, research, scan, print and plan for my classes. Every day, every period, they throw it back in my face. Loud talking, disrespect, non-attention.

Regardless of my efforts to “transition smoothly” and let students know what is expected, they’ve written me off. As soon as I begin to speak they turn off and play the day away. I’ve never approved of busy-work and worksheets, but it seems that is all that this group can relate to.

Discuss? not likely. “Here’s the worksheet. You have 20 minutes to complete it. I will come around to see how you’re doing.” That’s what works with them. That is, if they actually have something to write with.

Post the PSSA essay three days in a row, explain in detail what is being asked, give them notes to draw on then assign it for homework.

Result? 5 kids out of 28 turn something in the next day.

Quality? two excellent, 3 mediocre. The rest are zeroes right up until grade time. Then they rush to complete work they should have done and are shocked shocked! – to discover they will receive a lower grade for lateness.

I’ve become bitter.


One Response to “Dreaded Sunday”

  1. you’ve been the fly on the wall in my classroom!

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