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Here’s an idea: Fire them all!

Posted by aphillieteacher on February 25, 2010

Once again teachers are to blame. This school district in Rhode Island has made the “courageous” decision to fire the entire staff of their high school:Central Falls thurst into school reform forefront

You have to love the misspelling/typo that got past the web editor. Too bad there wasn’t a teacher around to correct his mistake.


6 Responses to “Here’s an idea: Fire them all!”

  1. I’m sure there are some teachers that could do a better job of preparing their students, but firing everyone. When do the PARENTS and STUDENTS get some of the blame for their efforts, or lack of? I don’t care who you are. You cannot force someone into learning if they are unwilling, short of waterboarding them.
    I live in California where the job approval rating of our state legislators is under 15%. WHY CAN’T WE FIRE ALL OF THEM! Why do teachers always get blame for the apathy that takes place in the classroom?

  2. My guess as to why teachers are always blamed is because they’re the easiest targets.

    Once all the teachers have been fired we can move on to blaming the janitors, cafeteria workers and crossing guards.

    Certainly it couldn’t be the fault of students who don’t do homework or even show up on a regular basis.

    And it isn’t the parents’ fault. We can’t reach them at a working phone number or see them at conference time or report card time, so how can we blame them?

    Absolutely it isn’t the administration’s fault because all they do is set policies, dictate curriculum and hire the teachers who seem to be doing such a bad job.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Mr Teacher said

    They fired all of the teachers?!I have been around the education block a few times but am shocked by this. No doubt there were some incompetents who deserved to lose their jobs but, equally, there must have been some very experienced and very effective teachers who have been left scratching their heads at such a ridiculous decision.

  4. Jen said

    But it’s sooo hard to sort out the good from the bad.

    Better just fire them all, because surely it will be sooo much easier to only hire great teachers. You know, because they’ve been so successful at it until…

    Oh wait, well, at least they’ll get fresh, new, umm, inexperienced teachers with, umm, no one to mentor them, oh, wait…

    Well, at least those new teachers will be cheaper and when they quit in less than two years, they can replace them with more cheap and inexperienced teachers.

    And I speak as a cheap, inexperienced (but old!) teacher. If there were no one around to answer basic how-to, how do you…, kind of questions for me — this year would be far more hellish than it already is.

    • I agree. Young and inexperienced = cheap and easy to push around. That’s very attractive to school boards.

      On the other hand it would be a cold day in hell before I would apply to that school district. I wonder if other teachers will feel that way? A boycott is just what they deserve.

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