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I Want to Marry Bill Maher

Posted by aphillieteacher on March 13, 2010

… or at least invite him to dinner :)

His latest post titled New Rule: Let’s Not Fire the Teachers When Students Don’t Learn — Let’s Fire the Parents is funny and right on target:

Yes, America has found its new boogeyman to blame for our crumbling educational system. It’s just too easy to blame the teachers, what with their cushy teachers’ lounges, their fat-cat salaries, and their absolute authority in deciding who gets a hall pass. We all remember high school – canning the entire faculty is a nationwide revenge fantasy. Take that, Mrs. Crabtree! And guess what? We’re chewing gum and no, we didn’t bring enough for everybody.

Please rush over to read it. You’ll be glad you did.


2 Responses to “I Want to Marry Bill Maher”

  1. I saw this too! Bill ROCKS. ;-)

  2. If I didn’t think 247,000 teachers already sent him fan mail about this, I’d hunt down his personal email and tell him I love him. I think he’s the best :)

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