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Arizona’s Solution to Spanish in the Classroom

Posted by aphillieteacher on July 20, 2010

Hey, it’s from The Onion! it’s satire :)

Arizona High Schools To Now Teach Spanish Entirely In English


3 Responses to “Arizona’s Solution to Spanish in the Classroom”

  1. Maybe it’s satire, but that’s pretty much how I was taught Spanish, which is why I didn’t actually learn it until years after I left high school.

  2. Ugh. That’s the best your district could do for you?

    But this would bring up the issue of how to teach non-English speaking students. For example should math be taught in English or Spanish?

  3. I think that is up for discussion. It would depend on the English level of the students, for one thing. My daughter was in a dual-language program since first grade that aimed for half-Spanish, half-English, and I think it was very successful. On the other hand, I’ve seem bilingual programs that neglected English altogether, and pulled my niece out of one when she was six.

    But language classes ought to be taught totally in the target language, uncomfortable though it may be at first.

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