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I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.


Posted by aphillieteacher on September 24, 2010

Picture it:
Friday afternoon … last period of the day… immature sophomore English class … we’re doing grammar.. . and they actually LIKE it! They’re discussing! – arguing whether a semi-colon would be a good move . . I am about to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming when . .

Our fearless principal comes on the PA 20 minutes before the end of the period to for a 5 minute announcement about sport scores.

What happened next?
a. Lesson over.
b. Students packed up books getting ready to leave.
c. Teacher had strong urge to smash intercom
d. all of the above.

The worst part about it is that she does this kind of thing randomly throughout the day.


2 Responses to “Arrggggghhhh”

  1. ricochet said

    Doncha love it when the administration is just one large sphincter surrounding an abyss? (stole that, but I liked it!!)

    • I’m honestly thinking of speaking to our union rep and have him speak to the principal. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I resent having her destroy what I’m trying so hard to build.

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