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Waiting for Super Student

Posted by aphillieteacher on September 25, 2010

One of my commenters (dkzody) suggested a new movie: “Waiting for Super Student.”

So here’s my question: what attributes would you want to see in a Super Student? no no you can’t ask for a genius. Just what do you think would be reasonable?

Top of my list would be:

  1. attends every day
  2. comes rested
  3. doesn’t use personal electronics in class
  4. head never touches the desk
  5. pays attention, takes notes and asks questions

I dunno. Am I asking too much?

What would you want to see in a Super Student?


4 Responses to “Waiting for Super Student”

  1. I’m a college teacher, and think that this wouldn’t be too much to ask. But I only have one student at present who’s doing the bad things, and this student will hopefully get the boot this week.

    Those are the prerequisites for learning.

    I’d add a real work ethic, and then you’d have something. Work ethic is everything, once you tally up the basics. Without a work ethic, which means a student willing to learn, and who sees intellectual work as a plus, you have zilch.

    • But where does work ethic come from? A teacher can’t inculcate it. It has to come from the student’s family, and the family’s associations, including churches, and their general heritage. The teacher has to bring their own work ethic, of course. But unless it comes from both sides, there will be nothing ventured, and nothing gained.

      • But where does work ethic come from? A teacher can’t inculcate it.

        That’s one of the biggest issues in secondary education right now, at least in the urban schools.

        According to Educational Authorities (and school administrators) if a student doesn’t do the barest minimum in class or cuts class entirely it is the teacher’s fault because she/he didn’t engage the student or make the subject relevant to his needs.

        Unfortunately those needs mostly include listening to an iPod, texting friends and catching up on sleep. I’m particularly annoying because I insist that students bring a pen to class and take notes.

    • Btw that’s an interesting blog that you have. I found it while doing a google search for “groundhog burrow” and “skunk burrow.”

      I hope you don’t mind me stopping by.

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