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Mr. Danza, Teacher

Posted by aphillieteacher on October 4, 2010

If you haven’t heard, Tony Danza taught for one year here at Philadelphia’s Northeast High.

I don’t have cable television, but I do have hulu.com. Here’s a clip. You *gotta* see this program. I think it’s going to be the real deal (I especially relate to his inner conflict when he tells the camera “I don’t know if I can do this.”


2 Responses to “Mr. Danza, Teacher”

  1. I watched the 1st episode last night and felt there was some realness to it. It had me giggling bc these students really seem to care if their teacher is bad and it reminded me that kids notice everything.

    • You’re right: some realness to it. There’s an interesting article about some Philly teachers commenting on the program Hard to Tell Who’s the Boss in ‘Teach’

      They have a point – Danza didn’t get any of the real crap that the rest experience every day. Wish I’d been there to join the discussion:

      The teachers casually swap horrific anecdotes of student misbehavior: threats and violence, regularly being cursed at, finding an “I GOT A BLOODY PUZZY” sign taped to another teacher’s back. But they say their breakdowns are associated more with the system than with the students. Danza’s on-camera sniffling is a bit much, the teachers say, because he never has to deal with many of the institutional problems they do.

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