A Phillie Teacher

I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.

Conference Time

Posted by aphillieteacher on December 2, 2010

We just had two days of afternoon parent conferences. Guess who came?

If you guessed “no one,” I’m glad to say you’re wrong. If you say “Only the parents of good students” you get partial credit.

The ones who showed up were parents concerned about their children’s progress. Out of my 150 students, a total of seven parents show up.

This isn’t to say that the parents couldn’t come aren’t good parents, but overall I would say that the children of parents who showed up are the ones who do their work, ask for help and participate in class. Whatever grade these students get, these are the ones I call the “good students.”

They try. They care. They learn. They are the good students. And their parents are the good parents. God bless them for caring.


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