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How administrators make teachers miserable without even trying

Posted by aphillieteacher on December 3, 2010

“Without even trying” is the operational part of this debacle. How much thought do you think went into planning our pep rally for this afternoon?

Read the email we received this morning:

We are not expecting the pep rally to take up all of 8th period. You should be able to go back to the classes and get some work done.

Get some work done??? the last period of the day on a Friday after a Pep Rally????

The woman is delusional. If only I could hide under my desk!


5 Responses to “How administrators make teachers miserable without even trying”

  1. ricochet said

    So, how much did you get done?

    • New High School students were in true form at Friday’s pep rally. A fight broke out in the upper bleachers before everyone was seated. Eventually this was followed by uninspired-looking players sauntering out to the center of the gym. Interesting side note: although the principal has been on an anti-hoodie campaign all week, nearly all players were wearing personal hoodies out on the floor. Oops.

      Sure enough kids started getting restless before the pep rally was over and started to leave. (yes, they do that at New High School. They go home. Or catch a bus or something.) When finally the nearly the entire student body started pushing past the principal without being excused, there were about 20 minutes left in the school day. Only one student showed up at my classroom and we both agreed that I would give him extra credit.

      Ten minutes before the school day officially was over, kids were banging lockers shut and rushing out the door. We could barely hear the principal over the loud speaker telling everyone they were excused for the day and there would *never* be another pep rally at New High School again.

      Thus ends another week.

  2. Jen said

    Hahahaha. Has she ever met students?! I suppose you could have given a quiz worth a lot of the grade if you really wanted to get some work done. @@

    • See my reply to Ricochet below. The afternoon turned out to be worse than I thought it could be.

      • Jen said

        Gosh, how surprising that we all knew what was going to happen and she didn’t. Hmm.

        Never again, eh? Sounds like the students thought it was the perfect end to a Friday, maybe they’ll make it a tradition all on their own!

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