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I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.

My day in a nutshell

Posted by aphillieteacher on December 15, 2010

Most days I get home before my boyfriend, which means I have time to decompress and let the day fade into the past. But today he picked me up right after work and made the mistake of saying, “So how was your day?”

Uh-oh. It came rushing out:

    1st period a senior boy was nearly in tears and told me there are “problems at home.” Called the counselor to see if she could get to the bottom of this.
    3rd period, a girl pulled down her pants so she could apply lotion to the dry skin on her legs. It turned out she was wearing sport shorts underneath, but I think any 16 year old boy would see just pulled down pants and lots of thigh. I called her father later to alert him.
    5th period, one of the girls who came back from 10 day suspension for beating up a girl in class proudly told the class about the assault to a thrilled group of students. I called her guardian during my lunch
    Also in 5th period a girl told me “Go ahead and call my f*cking grandmother. I don’t give a sh*t” when I told her that if she wouldn’t control her language I was going to have to call home. I wrote this one up for an administrator to handle.
      8th period, a boy got angry because I refused to explain in minute detail what they were supposed to be doing in class (they were doing what they were *supposed* to do for homework.) When he furiously said, “You have to help me!” I reminded him that he left class yesterday, just when I was explaining all that and why do I have to give him special treatment and specially teach him something that he walked out on??” (can you tell that I’ve had enough of kids doing just what they please)

So that was my day. Nothing all that earth shaking, but it adds up when multiplied by 180 school days. I’m sorry my boyfriend had to hear it all, because usually when he asks how my day was, I just say “Oh, just the usual school stuff. Nothing new.”


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