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Posted by aphillieteacher on December 16, 2010

Wild horses couldn’t keep them in today’s assembly


Only a week ago our principal vowed there would be never be another pep rally at New High School again. Little did she know how bad our next assembly would be.

Overall it wasn’t a bad assembly. Kind of amateurish, way too much down time between segments. But not too bad.

It was the students that were bad. Loud talking, brightly-lit cell phone displays and general wandering around is their usual behavior.  We teachers hate it, but it’s become a tradition here at New High School.

We were finally winding down to the last 20 minutes before the kids could go home. The vice-principal asked me to cover one of the exits to stop anyone trying to leave early.

Just as I reached my station a sophomore girl stepped on stage and began a solo. Her singing was like a signal: almost at once the students jumped to their feet and headed for the doors.

They picked up speed as they got closer to the exits and finally were full-out running!  There I was, stuck like a deer in a car’s headlights.

Fortunately there was a metal post separating the doors. It shielded me in the onslaught and hanging on tightly I avoided being swept away with the crowd.

As the noise and chaos died down, our fearless vice-principal stepped up to the microphone for a few words to the remaining students: thank you for coming today, everyone. It was a wonderful assembly and I’m proud of you.

So ends another day at New High School.


2 Responses to “Stampede!!”

  1. J said

    She’s clearly delusional! I can’t believe she tried it again, at the end of the day. At least the students are smart and learning — they’ve learned a faster, easier way to get out.

    Glad you weren’t injured in the stampede. Although I’ll admit there were days when I looked at the stairs and semi-hoped I’d fall and break my leg in such a way that I’d need several weeks off!

    • literally the number of kids running to the exit looked like the stampede picture above.

      I can relate to your stair fantasy: I too have a secret wish about somehow being sidelined (foot surgery or something) so I could get some time away from all this madness.

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