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I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.


Posted by aphillieteacher on December 22, 2010

Police roadblocks stopped me from getting to school this morning. “If you want to get into the high school, park out in the neighborhood and walk in,” a tense cop told me.

Whaaat? everyone knows we shouldn’t park out in the neighborhood. The car might get keyed by some irritated student or . . who knows what might happen?

Being a dutiful teacher I parked in a side street then grabbed my tote bag and lunch before trudging three cold blocks to our school. That’s when I found out what was going on: a shooter was loose in the neighborhood and had already shot 2 policemen, the area was cordoned off, students were told via automatic dial to stay away from school . . . and I’m out there walking?!

Why are teachers always out of the loop? Are we really that unimportant?

By 7:30 the shooter was cornered in a basement and later taken out on a gurney. They say he shot himself in the neck.

Meanwhile we teachers carried on as usual. Without students, we were allowed to catch up with paperwork. After lunch we were treated to fabulously frivolous professional development about Exit Tickets and Guided Reading.

No mention of the disconnect between danger and faculty communication. No mention of what we should do in future situations.

Tell me about stress, and I’ll tell you about working at New High School.


6 Responses to “gah”

  1. Esther said

    Wow that’s insane that that cop actually told you to go and walk.. while he knew about a shooter being loose in the area?? I can understand him not being able/allowed to give you details on the situation or such but this just is ridiculous.

    • Crazy, isn’t it? There was miscommunication everywhere. Even before I got to work the police commissioner closed our school for the day and *still* they were telling the teachers to walk in.

  2. really? are you serious? unbelievable?

    I am now believe that my school is cake compared to yours. You are a REAL trooper!

  3. laniza said

    I’m a new reader and I agree with Miss Teacha–Good lord, how do you continue to show up everyday?!

  4. J said

    Yes, here in the other end of the state, I have to believe that they would have sent teachers home and told us to wait for the phone call to tell us when to come back in — like at 7:35!

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