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I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.

A Few Bright Spots

Posted by aphillieteacher on January 30, 2011

We knew there was big snow coming our way. The weather report said the big stuff wouldn’t happen until evening rush hour but true to form, most New High School students stayed home “just in case.”

They were probably right. My usual half hour commute to work was a 45 minute white-knuckle ride over sleety streets and I was glad to make it to school without anything serious happening.

So where are the bright spots?

  1. One of my students asking to borrow my “Hamlet” DVD so she could watch it at home.
  2. A girl who angrily told me I must have lost her essay, brought it to me a couple hours later – and apologized.
  3. A young teacher stopping to talk after school; discussion turned to all the stuff we bloggers discuss online: the travesty of scripted teaching, need for greater accountabilty for our students, a few jokes . . very nice! I wish people would stop by to chat more often.
  4. Final bright spot: thanks to the snow, we had a **FoUr DaY WeEkEnD** and the full day in-service the district planned was canceled so we can make up one of our snow days :D

3 Responses to “A Few Bright Spots”

  1. Jen said

    Wow — that’s a red letter week’s worth of bright spots! It’s always so nice to talk to someone who knows exactly what you mean. On a teacher friend’s facebook there’s someone who always comments when she notes a delay — some vaguely snarky (rather than actually sarcastic) remark about how easy teachers have it.

    Whenever I see it I think, IF YOU ONLY KNEW! What she goes in and deals with every day — most people have absolutely no ide ofa the stress of just an ordinary day. If they did, they’d never say it!

  2. Jen said

    ide ofa

    heh, translation: idea of

    • Don’t you love being the object of someone’s fantasy? ;)

      Non-teachers look at our jobs and see snow days, extended vacations and 10 days off for winter and spring breaks. My sister is most envious about how “short” my work day is (I get out of school at 2:40. Of course I’m at school at 7:00, but that’s a different story)

      Don’t burst their bubbles. Of course teaching isn’t easy. But when we get those occasional snow days, we get to kick back and relax.

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