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Who Are These People??

Posted by aphillieteacher on February 10, 2011

New People at New High School Back in September New High School got a new Assistant Principal. She was classy, smart and professional. Not only that, she was human. We teachers liked her.

The principal never introduced her to staff or students. We just kind of found out about her through the grape vine. Strange, no?

Even stranger was when this assistant principal disappeared sometime in December. Nothing was said about her continued absence: nothing about illness, nothing about job shifts . . nothing. Rumors were out that she and our Fearless Principal didn’t get along and when the new assistant principal disappeared, the principal said nothing. For all we know, the poor woman is locked in a dungeon under New High School’s gymnasium.

Weeks passed. I continued to email my lesson plans to the vanished a.p. because no one told me otherwise. There was never a response.

Finally, around the end of January our Fearless Principal got on the p.a. and to the complete surprise of staff and students, announced that we now had a new assistant principal and his name was >unintelligble<


We never got an introduction and none of us knew what the man looked like. Is he taking the place of our vanished assistant principal? we wondered.

Apparently that was none of our business. After 2 weeks of wondering, I asked a cafeteria aid to point out the New Assistant Principal. Aha! I walked up to the friendly looking man and introduced myself. Seems like a pleasant guy; professional. What must this man think, when a teacher walks up to him and says, “Hello. Welcome. No one knows who you are.”

Quite suddenly, this week we got wind of *another* assistant principal in the building. A woman who has no name, has appeared without fanfare or introduction. She is using the missing Assistant Principal’s office.

No introduction for her either.

I’m not sure how to summarize all this, but to my way of thinking, this principal thinks the teachers don’t matter enough to tell them who’s who. Shame on her to keep the staff and students in the dark like this.

And shame on her for not making the new people welcome with a simple walk through during common planning time to introduce them. If I was a new Assistant Principal, I’d wonder why the hell no one introduced me. Considering what happened to our missing Assistant Principal, it probably doesn’t bode well for their job security.


2 Responses to “Who Are These People??”

  1. Jen said

    That’s totally crazy. Though I guess it means that you don’t have a lot of whole school PD, which could be a plus! Also shows how vital those lesson plans are to them.

    When the new principal came this fall…she just seemed to assume that all the kids knew her. She didn’t go to each classroom and introduce herself (this is elementary through 8th), I guess figuring that the welcome back to school night and having been around here and there at the end of last year was enough? If she said something to a class early in the year, several kids would ask afterward, who’s that?!

    Old principal? Everyone knew her. The sound of her voice over the loudspeaker straightened spines throughout the building — teachers and students alike. That had been a little scary, but I soon learned how very preferable it was to what came next!

    • That part about kids asking, “Who’s that?” also goes on at New High. A girl came to homeroom complaining, “Some man who doesn’t even work here took my cell phone!”

      Turned out that man was our new Assistant Principal. ohh blimey (or however the Brits spell that) When at work I don’t call our school “New High School.” I call it Crazyland. And everyone who hears me use that expression nods in agreement.

      This place just isn’t part of the Real World. It’s Crazyland.

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