A Phillie Teacher

I was a starry-eyed teacher from New Jersey. Now I work for Philadelphia Public Schools.

Flash Forward

Posted by aphillieteacher on March 8, 2011

What will it be like after teacher unions are outlawed, school districts decide Teach for America is the best way to go and data is king?

Flash forward to the future (5 years from now maybe)

  • Certified teachers have fled the profession. They are happy and working in places that encourage them.
  • TFA has increased training to 7.5 weeks a year to prepare their candidates for 65-student class sizes.
  • TFA’ers don’t flinch at huge classes. Now that every lesson is scripted and all assessment is multiple choice and electronically scored, there’s no extra work!
  • Building administrators have been laid off and replaced by data-entry clerks.
  • There are no more troublesome students. 10 months a year of test prep has beaten all resistance out of them. They have become empty husks.
  • Bill Gates and the other megla-millionaires are satisfied because . . I guess because everyone did what they told them to do.
  • The US has given up on  exciting entrepreneurship, but their citizens make great factory workers: unquestioning lovers of cogs and repetition.
  • No Child Left Behind has a new definition. All children with dreams of creativity are sought out and forced to join the lockstep educational system (for their own good.) Resistance is futile!  They will be assimilated.
  • Finally, somewhere, and dimly at first, people will realize that art class was fun and poetry was more than just fodder for  Constructed Responses. People will want to go back to the old days when children worked on strange and exhilarating activities that came from something called “Project Based Learning.”
  • Someday they’ll want the teachers back, doing what they do best.  They’ll want Learning back in the classroom too.People may not realize it yet but eventually that day will come.

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